High morning readings

Hi! today is my husband's 32nd birthday... :-) and this is my 2nd day of taking Metformin, but I am worried because my morning BG is high... yesterday it's 132, today 139... but I went to bed last night with 129 BG, what do you think happened?

I have been vocal of saying that I become a worry wart every since I got diabetes, friends been telling me, just accept it and take your medicines religiously... well, I am, and I have accepted this disease wholeheartedly... I am just afraid of having complications that's why I want to know everything I need to know... who would not worry if your morning readings are high? and when you thought you're doing everything (eat healthy & exercise) perfectly? Who would not worry??

I’m a worrywart too! But I’m trying not to be too paranoid now that I know how to manage my condition well. I’ve been known to test 3 times within the same hour or test for no good reason and then see that my reading is okay. It’s fine to be worried but as someone once told me, you wanna see life through diabetes not diabetes through life.

About your high morning numbers, you may have dawn phenomenon. I’ve never experienced it but there should be a thread on it somewhere in the forum archives.

thanks daena… I will check the thread… My doctor told me not to worry too much because stress makes your BG to rise… I am just concern about my health… I am paranoid, can’t help it, but trying to control it… I know God is always there… do you think it is too high???

i have SEVERE dawn phenomenon. i will go to bed with a 110 and wake up with a 220! So I take NPH at bedtime. As long as you are below 150 (what is considered high), i wouldn’t worry so much.

thanks landileigh… :slight_smile: