High-risk OB in Baltimore area?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone live in the Baltimore area, or know someone with type 1 who does? If so, can you recommend a high-risk OB? I wouldn't mind going back to the one I went to for my first pregnancy, but I thought I'd explore some other options if possible.


Hey Elizabeth - I'm in Frederick. When I was pregnant (LO is now 8 months) I saw Dr. Hodor at Maryaland Perinatal Associates (http://www.mdperinatal.com/) and have nothing but AMAZING things to say about him. I also saw Dr. Kramer and liked him. I know they have multiple MD locations and there may be one near you.

Dr. Hodor was more conservative than Dr. Kramer. However, both of them listened to me and honored my wishes with my pregnancy. Dr. Hodor (who I saw all but 2 times) was approachable and worked well with my endo and OB. Dr. Hodor never tried to tell me what to do with my diabetes, he trusted my endo completely. Couldn't have asked for more!

Best of luck in finding a good one!

Thanks, Kate! That practice sounds like just what I'm looking for. I looked at the website, and none of the locations is very close to me, unfortunately. I'll keep them in mind though if I ever move elsewhere in the area.

rats! I hope you find someone close to you :)

Thanks, me too! :)