High sugah in the system

Has anybody had any problems getting back to their pre christmas glucose levels? I am having a rough time with all the injectables and meds that I am taking to get back to the numbers from my last ENDO visit in the beginning of December.

I am trying to figure out did if my body took a turn for the worse or am I not doing my meds right. I have been in high 200-300’s and my vision has been affected. Now that I am being proactive and injecting more insulin things are getting better but not where they should be. I am trying to do all my meds but I always seem to forget to do them at night because I am still having trouble with my sleep patterns. I am on EST time and I am on the west coast…


Insulin does’nt work over night. You have to give it 3 or 4 days before it settles into a new pattern. Sometimes longer than that. So give it some time, and see what happens!

it is scary to me. I am trying to get my sugars down or I really will have to request an insulin pump.

A pump won’t get your sugars down any better than shots will. It’s just another tool for insulin delivery. It IS more convenient in that all you have to do is push buttons rather than get out a syringe and vial or a pen, and if the basals and boluses are set properly, you don’t have to do as much math. But it’s no miracle – the only way to control sugars is to have a good endo who will work with you and tweak your doses until you’ve got them right.