High Sugars & Thinking

Finally my sugars are stabilising :) After going on DAFNE I understand so much so much better !! But I've had about 3 months of bad control and high and very high numbers. I feel like its affected my thinking and memory. Im sure this will all rectify itself after a while of good numbers but just wandering if anyone else experienced this. Like il forget things I just did or said and def not as sharp as I previously was.

Interesting that you would comment on this very thing. i have been really making a connection between high numbers and how sluggish and slow and bad my memory gets. Granted, I'm a man and bad memory goes with life, but even laying that aside, i felt my mind less able to remember with bad numbers than when they are good. ";-) Cheers to you!.

Its like a sugary mind mush ! I almost have to remind myself to think. Knock knock speed up and get on with it :)


When I was first diagnosed, I had been high for a while and I suffered from very severe cognitive slippage. The excellent CDE who first saw me gave me a pamphlet on insulin matching that was written at a 6th grade reading level. It took some time for be to get back to baseline but not that long. Don't fret.


I called it the high bg brain fog. I was in this fog for quite some time. It eventually went away when I got my sugars under control. Nowadays my brain gets foggy for other reasons like for the 58 read I just got on my meter. Excuse me while I go tend to it.

Hahah tnx team D !

I experienced this before my diagnosis and blamed stress at first. I felt like I was working as hard as I could, but just couldn’t get my work done. I was always forgetting details in my paperwork and was exhausted by the time I started the work day. When I stabilized my sugars, I started to have energy and my brain started to work again!