High Urine...A D-Momma Rant

"Your A1c is good. Your thyroid is fine. Your urine is high. Are you supposed to have a 24 hour urine collection done?" Our nurse asked us and both of us were unsure.

I was still trying to process. Did she say "your urine is high"? High in what? That isn't good. Nothing is supposed to be high. Why was she asking about the 24 hour test? She did say high urine didn't she?

My mind was reeling but I tried not to overly concern my son. He was less than worried. I was sure that there was not a problem but why did she say high?

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The docs want to baseline the kidneys, by looking for protein over a 24 hour period.

Yes, it is frustrating often the number of tests and lab visits and doctor's visits. I fume myself every couple of years. For the past 30 years!

As a practicing diabetic of diabetes for 56 yrs. haha. I try to follow up on everything I can read re diabetes creatine levels kidney problems. I ask several questions re reading so I know what is happening to my body. I realize
everyone doesn't do it but it helps to be informed. Keep on hanging on. As you can see I try to find humor in everything to deal with my life. No sense in crying.