Highest Waking Number

What is the highest number you ever woke up to? Mine so far is 153 (this morning actually), and it was very uncomfortable.

The times I woke up and my insulin pump had become disconnected, I was probably 500+.

  1. This morning.

I’ve had many fastings over 225–dawn phenonmenon.

160 i think- either from inadequate bolusing in the after dinner or from nasty dawn phenom.

400+ as well… Not an everyday event, but it has happened more than once.

You may still be honeymooning. When I had my honeymoon period, I never saw numbers above 200. Then one day I woke up at 400 and knew that a new phase had begun!

Agreed… I often had “highs” during my honeymoon in the 180 range, but I rarely had fastings over 110 and almost never saw #'s over 200 no matter how many carbs I ate or how “off” my carb counts and boluses were. The only time I consistently saw higher #'s was when I was “off” insulin on my dr’s orders (that didn’t last long).

When I was coming out of my honeymoon it was pretty sudden… my #'s became much more variable and I started battling DP issues that were nothing like I had experienced before… and my insulin needs increased dramatically over just a couple of weeks. Shortly after I saw my first “HI” on my meter… which was the result of a failed site and me bolusing for sparkling grape juice assuming I was covering it… obviously I wasn’t :slight_smile:

I have within the past 6 weeks seen fasting #'s above 300… it happens. Not every day, but I think it’s important to understand how to handle those events when they do happen. Even when my morning #'s are good, I can often look at my CGM data and see that I had spiked to 300+ overnight. I did last night, actually… but my morning # was 79.

Mine stays on too :slight_smile: The only time I ever take it off is to shower…

Show off. :slight_smile:

Pre-pump, my highest high was 500. Not fun!

“HI” the morning after my appendectomy

Yowza! Many a morning I wake up in the 150s and am glad for it!! ; )

But seriously, the highest? Probably in the 400 or even (grimace) 500s.

I dunno what’s going on with me but every time I read the title of this post, I mis-read it as “highest wanking number” and I wonder why anyone wants to discuss that!

My highest bg number I’ve seen in the morning was 380 mg/dL…during my MDI days when I had some pizza and thought I had covered well for it. Damn cheese and the late absorption of the carbs! Now, once I got on the pump, I just dual-wave and haven’t had any problems with pizza :-).