Highs and Lows

OK HAD IT WITH THE ROLLER COASTER!!! For days last week I was low then 4 days ago I couldn’t get it to drop below 250! Heck today I got up with a 351! So I changed sites, exercised. took the correction bolus and took a shot! NOW I’m 46! Soooooooo drained!

Yep kinda got to me that’s why I ranted on the computer!

sometimes I overcorrect my lows by eating too much, which leads to another high, and then other times I get frustrated with a persistent high and do what is called a RAGE bolus. what’s your correction factor, Doris? mine is 1 unit for every 50 I want to go down.

Your on the same correction bolus as me but it didn’t help at all! I tried everything as you know for days and then when it finally broke I was too LOW! Just got so flustrated today!

My correction factor has to be augmented when I am above 200. Normally it is 60. So I add 2 units above 200 and it settles exactly where I want it. I call it priming the pump.

Sorry to hear about your bs (bull^hit LOL) ride. Have you been holding your tongue right??? Just kidding. LOL Don’t you just love Club 1. It’s been less than 2 years for me and so much fun, I can’t tell you (dripping sarcasm). Hope you’re feeling better!!!

Hold my tounge??? Not that good today!!! The ups and downs got to me! Hey made mt better half go somewhere after the 5th time!

The days we have to go through sometimes…sigh…frustrating isn’t it?
I hope tomorrow will be a better one =)

Flustreated??? I was pure D mad when I posted this! HA!

Sorry about the spelling there it was flustrated. Hit the wrong keys!

My correction factor is 1 unit for every 60 I want to go down. But I’m at 177 tonight (ate cake) and don’t feel like injecting. So there you go.

PLEASE Don’t let yourself get to feeling like I did today! Sometimes I REALLY want to GIVE it away!!!

Oh don’t worry…always happens to me too when I’m angry LOL !