Highs and Minimed Paradigm

Struggled yesterday with highs on my Paradigm - ended up changing cartridge, set and tubing 3 times and finally resolved overnight. It’s days like this that I appreciate all the more my medical team and the support from Minimed. After speaking to Dr late in the day took a manual injection for evening meal and called Minimed 24 hour support. Rep there ran tests on my pump and the infusion set and found it to be operational. Rep suggested one of 3 issues: (1) onset of an illness (not true so far), (2) scar tissue at set site or (3) a suggestion that I use an infusion set with longer tubing for better delivery.

I’m quite perplexed how longer tubing will enhance delivery - would logically seem to be just the opposite.

I had the same issues, over an extended period of time, which were never resolved. I eventually switched to the Animas Ping because I was so frustrated. Good luck to you - I hope your issues get resolved!