Hign Insulin Dosage wand what next?

Hi everyone,

I have searched and searched and searched the web for a phenomenon that has plagued me since the age of 12.

I seem to have a total daily dose that is 1.5 times my body weight in KG. This works out to be about 4.2mml per hour BASAL via my pump. Yes MASSIVE !! I have tried different site.

I am 80KG and my typical TDD is 125. Now although my A1Cs have always been between 5.7 and 6.4 virtually for all test since I was a teenager (now 38) I have recently noticed the TDD is going up even more, my carbs are only about 220 per day (some times only 180). The main issue is I am gaining weight but dosage reductions make me hyperglycaemic !!

I use Novo ASPART (Novo Rapid).

Can anyone help or have notice this with long term Novo insulin usage ? I have also had the same issue with multiple daily injections so its not down to pumping.