Hiking the Hawthorne-Gainesville Trail


We are planning a guided hike in Paynes Prairie today with a focus on Medicinal and Edible plants in the Wild.

If the rain causes a cancellation of the walk then we will hike the Hawthorne-Gainesville Trail for a little bit, eat some lunch and then come home.


We missed the Plant hike in Paynes Prairie on Saturday. It was raining just as we were leaving so we went back inside and changed to more appropriate rain/wet gear so that when hiking we would be fine either way. Jeans get heavy and uncomfortable when wet. We decided to hike part of the Hawthorne-Gainesville trail instead. We walked 4 miles out and back with all the overlook trails taken as well so our hike totaled 10 miles in all.

My BSG at the start 51, 1.5 hours in 61, 3 hours in 44 (here I stopped mid trail, bad form I know but Hey! Back off! And I ate) 4.25 hours and at the finish I was 149.

Paynes Prairie Overlook

At the Trail head there is an artisan well which helps feed into Paynes Prairie.

This is the artisan well at the trail head.

A random Oak tree.

There are several photogenic oak trees on the trail. It was hard not to keep taking pictures. I wanted a “3-D” camera so you could see/feel all the branches and limbs and such but all I have is the old Blackberry so this one pic will have to do.

Got home around 3pm and we both were really tired. We ate Ramen noodles (Spicy Curry!) Veg ramen noodles that we bought from the Indian Food Store in Gainesville. Awesome food!

I was 161 at bed time 7:30pm.

At 3am I’m 323!

I’ve realized that my BSG’s are high the morning after because of my food and NOT the hiking! I’m eating fatty foods like homemade parmesan cheese popcorn and such which cause BSG high’s hours after eating!!! I get soooo hungry after a long hike. Almost as bad as after a marathon but I crave fatty foods instead of just carbs.

Next weekend is REI!!! Karen and I can’t wait. No hike planned but maybe a little one on Sunday.

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