Hitting 10 weeks tomorrow!

Still exhausted and the nausea comes and goes - but so excited to be hitting double digits tomorrow. My blood sugars have been relatively stable after tweaking my basals and insulin-carb ratio. A protracted low before lunch (couldn’t get over 60 for nearly an hour) seemed to demand a cheeseburger and french fries (the first since getting pregnant), but now I’ve now hit 300. Yikes! Those numbers bothered me before getting pregnant, but even more so now.

But the cheeseburger was AMAZING.

It is no wonder some pregnant women tend to gain so much weight…I never knew how powerful HUNGER could be before the last couple of weeks. Wow.

Hope you all are doing well!

I was incredibly hungry during my last pregnancy, for several months after she was born, and am now starving again during this pregnancy. I eat constantly. As my perinatalogist says, just don’t be afraid to take the insulin you need to cover it.