Hitting the Jackpot

The big multi-state Mega Millions drawing tonight is for about $330 million. For grins & giggles, let’s say you walk away with $250 million after taxes. Now, I’m not going to ask you to give it all away, but, if you were to throw some cash in the face of Diabetes 1) how much would you give? and 2) how would you give it? e.g. research a cure, start new programs in poor areas, design your own pump with downloadable “ringtones”, etc.

Be creative.

Thats tough to say… For me, I would first make sure that all my finances were in line, a house and new cars (my wife and mine are getting old): $300,000. Next school funds for our children: $450,000 ($150,000 per child) Next trust funds for each of the kids: $3,000,000. Pay off my moms house and buy my sister a house: $250,000:

So that equals 4,000,000. I think that I would probably give between 50 - 100,000,000 to be distibuted for various Diabetes organizations. 50% to research and the rest even distributed to Diabetes causes.

I can’t imagine what I would do with 100-150 million dollars but probably invest it and live off of the interest.

This question is very similar to one I answered a few days ago in my blog entry “If Bill Gates got Diabetes.”

You can read what I’d suggest for anyone with a spare $60 million or so at:


What if’s are kinda fun sometimes:) thanks Chris:)
After all the debt was cleared and family taken care of here is what I would do:)
Plop a hunk of it on research, another hunk of making sure that non-insured or underinsured would get some help.
Due to my own life a bit would go to the homeless.
I’d love to put some into a Library for children especially at hospitals.
I’d want the ones forgotten in elderly homes recognized with some comforts from it.
I’d put some into a specific fund for education/college etc…
I’d want a few people every year to be chosen for a one time gift of $10,000.00 ( not much but could make the difference in making lifes’ burdens eased a bit.)