HMB anybody?

Back in my college days, I got a free sample that really seemed to work really well to build muscle mass. I had a two month supply and put on 5 solid pounds, which would a huge gain for me. It was just wayyy to expensive at the time, though, to maintain.

Seems a lot more affordable these days and I'm thinbking about starting up again. I never paid attention to how it affected my management back in college so I'm curious if anybody is currently using it, seeing positive gains, and has any imput into it's affect on BG management.


I am not using it but am interested in knowing more about it. I am trying to gain mass since I went on Omnipod 7 months back. I was very skinny and in the 6 months I put on like 30 lbs (mostly lean mass). I take glutamine, creatine and BCAA on my workout days.

Been awhile, and I completely forgot about this thread so my apologies. I did end up taking HMB for awhile. Like back in college, I saw some good gains before hitting a plateau. I didn't notice any adverse affects on my BG control. I came off of it again mostly because of a tighter monthly budget. Back down to pre-HMB weight and strength, but hey.