Hoe Do You Prepare for a Vacation

i have a bag which i kindly refere to as my "medicine bag." as i am schizophrenic, i take plenty of pills. also as a result of long-term D, and being on the pump, i pack extras of everything. i fill my pill box for the week,,, bring enough to last a month, and the same goes for the D.I bring enough pump supplies, my insulin (Novolog) and my back-up insulin(Lantis) in case my pump breaks down at any particular time. i bring syringes,a lg bottle of Glucose tabs, Ktone sticks, and a ga-zillion test strips.

then i begin to actually pack (clothing, etc.)

what do you pack for travel? do you change your basal for air plain flight? does it depend on the anticipated length of stay? do tell all.

Since I'm only on oral meds, that part is easy. I do try to plan to eat healthy and exercise.
Ie, I bring veggies, cheese, nuts for car & plane trips. Upon arrival, I might stop at a grocery to get lo-carb breakfast options for the hotel room.
I make sure I have my tennis shoes & think about when I can sneak in a walk or a trip to a hotel gym.

I traveled a lot on my job, so was easily prepped for 2-5 day trips. Always check meds, pump supplies, etc. I also carry a complete med list, as well as my med history on a disc (but no one wants to see it...) Additionally, copies of all scrips (without dates which I add later)

We go to Europe for extended times and I make lists. How many infusion sets, bottles of test strips, insulin, etc will I need.I check and doulble check, and then my husband also checks.

On all my work trips (and there were way too many) I had one problem when I forgot my suitcase...OK stupid, but it happened. I kept an emergency kit in my office and they overnighted it to me. Forgot to pack my supply of test strips one year in France and had to buy a new meter, but insurance covered it.

To fly: get a letter from your doc and scrips that say you can carry all the "scary" things like lancets (giggle.) Check TSA, follow the rules and print and carry that. TSA can be very weird...