Holiday Goodies

I work in a public office and we are inundated this time of year with lots of gifts from our patrons--cookies, truffles, home made candies, brownies, etc. I try to eat a low carb diet on an ordinary day, but this week is really testing my resolve. Anyone else struggling to walk the straight and narrow this week? This is the place for us to support and encourage each other.

Yep, lots of temptation. If I really want something I have it. the difference is I would have eaten one or more and made it a whole slice/piece. Now I have just enough to satisfy my taste buds. I also make sure it is something I REALLY want. Since I rarely eat any sugar at all I find that most sweet treats do not live up to their memories and are very disappointing. I also make sure it falls in line with my meal/bolus. So far this has worked quite well. I had 3 small pieces of fudge (we get this from a customer every year. Fantastic stuff) and my numbers were better yesterday than on Monday. I did pass up a lot of good looking stuff, but none of it looked to be worth the trouble. I have become a picky eater due to D, but it really is for the best D or not.

Tough this time of year and very hard to have a little of Christmas goodies. A very very small piece. Just keep track of the carbs and space it out. Oh yes, use that glucose meter like crazy! Nobody is an angel here, but make sure your coworkers don't push you to eat more. Have half a candy cane for me! Merry Christmas.

I pick and choose too, has to be special food for me to break my low carb diet. That limits me quite a lot, thankfully.