Holiday Strategy

1) leave nothing in a bowl that is sitting out to be "bite size";
2) leave only edibles that require peeling, washing, cooking or the like (i.e. edibles but not without SOME prep);
3) leave out only things you do not actually like or prefer;
4) I love some homemade jams/relishes - try putting a few ounces in your prettiest tiny serving dish but with NO SERVING UTENSIL (if someone puts some out - like toothpicks or those flat ice cream tasting "spoons" - grab them up right away & slip 'em into your pockets!).

EXAMPLES: I really do not care for licorice flavor. I don't like shelling walnuts. Although I do like plain chocolate, if I have to buy some to have laid out in LR or kitchen counter I buy only a 6-8 ounce brick - SOLID, non-serrated or scored. HARD. Only edible really after a stiff knife cuts/breaks it leaving teensy shards of now kinda sticky choc all over. Love oranges/citrus? Leave out only those hardest to peel, or just have out ONLY lemons & limes!

Eat it all, keep track of the carbs, get enough insulin and HAVE FUN! No need to limit yourself as long as you get adequate insulin or exercise! Oh, and if you can afford it, get a Dexcom now!

We're not Christian and so ... I have nothing to worry about during the holidays. No shopping to do. No house to decorate.

Christmas Day we are going to order Chinese food and watch a movie.

Your reply makes me wonder: How commonly do you recommend this policy... I hope not as a regular practice. E.G. eat everything you like any day, every day, every meal — or — This is a special time of year (e.g. Thanksgiving Day), so for this day go ahead and use your BG meter and your insulin-delivery expertise to "HAVE FUN!" IMHO, advising this for a T1D as a course of living, regardless of including reminder for "adequate insulin or exercise", is terribly short-sighted... so far it exhibits no consideration of the REST of the body beyond just BG levels... no mention of balance in re: carbs, fats, proteins and so on. To me it just sounds like advice for an overly "carefree" attitude - overly, because it so readily ignores nutritional well-being WHICH SHOULD BE THE BASIS of management or merely "living with" any chronic illness or recovery from traumatic events.

Dear Khürt, I assume you have some family, regardless of how distant in age, circumstance or miles, with whom national holidays foster some togetherness! Religion, to me, is just another aspect of a social wholeness everyone can strive for. I wish you a good holiday period of several different days (Christmas, Hannukah, NYD) and can recommend a superb film, IMHO, named "Boyhood". Fascinating look at people, family, time and infinitely more... My regards, Bill Marston

We celebrated togetherness and family (but avoided the consumerism) during the Hindu festival of Diwali almost two months ago. Other than that we only celebrate secular holidays.

Agreed!! Eating like this is poor advice for anyone.

That's a great tip about the tonic water! Might be something to share with my teetotaler friends who feel pressured into drinking during the holidays and business dinners.

Hi Khurt...remember that you must choose one of the two popular brands but Canada Dry DIET tonic is very good. Hope you try could be on the "bar" for all lo carb choices. Looks festive in a tall or stemmed glass. Happy Days!

I really have no plan. I don't even know how much insulin I should take per carb. I was on 10 units of novorapid insulin last year at this time. I was diagnosed with diabetes oon Thanksgiving Day of 2013 with an A1C of 13.1. six months later it was down to 6.5 a year later my a1c is 5.4 as of a week ago. I second guess my insulin intake. it's 4 units of novorapid for a subway sandwich. or 5 if i have a cookie with it. (hey i want to live before i die). I tried to avoid cake on Christmas but i live in Japan where Jesus cake is popular. and in your face every day that season. I'm just glad it's over (and i still have all my limbs intact). I have had edema since March. My endo can't find anything wrong. I've had a foot CT scan, a Foot ultrasound, a heart ekg, a heart ultrasound. I have Melas a mitochondria disease. i think my foot edema is related to taking antidepressants and autonomic nerve damage. I can't find any mitochondria disease experts here so I'm changing hospitals on January 7th. There should be neurologist who deals with Melas patients there. I hope there's an Endocrinologist who deals with MIDD (Maternally Inherited deafness and diabetes) Yes it is a thing.