Holidays and the workplace

How does everyone deal with holidays in the workplace? Next week there seems to be some kind of a food day or special luncheon planned everyday.

Any advice on how to deal?

I stay clear of the lunch room where they typically are. out of sight out of mind. next week at the party I will try to load my plate w/ the low carb stuff as much as possible and probably drive myself crazy talking to myself that I do need to eat cookies. we hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year and was so busy hosting I didn't get tempted as badly as I usually do - I think I will try to find jobs to do at the office party to help be good. good luck and stay strong

I blow it off. I would like to be more social but, perhaps fortunately, I am busy enough that I don't bother taking breaks away from my desk, testing, eating and working. I'll shoot the breeze w/ people and I don't think they think I'm antisocial but we are plenty busy.

I always try to bring something I know I can eat and then I also stick close to the veggie trays.