Holidays are no fun when your family doesn’t understand why you are not eating…I have only been diagnosied for 2 years now, but it would be nice if my fmaily wouldn’t be so mean about why i’m not “feasting”. They just don’s understand that I can eat a ton of carb. or a ton of sugar like they can. Luckily my fiance helps me make the right choices and stands up for me when i’m tired of explaining myslef…

Sorry your family isn’t supportive. They get upset not seeing us “enjoying” ourselves by eating too much, or eating the wrong things. Food is love to a lot of people. I think it’s also denial. And, it makes them feel guilty to be stuffing their faces when we’re not. I’ve had to ask, “Do you want me to be sick? Why are you undermining my efforts to handle my disease?” to get the message across.

We’ve either got the food police telling us what we shouldn’t eat, or people urging us to eat what we shouldn’t.

Does hurt when it’s our own family. Hard to educate people when they refuse to be educated. Gets old explaining over & over.

Great that you have an understanding fiance who defends you!

I know what you mean. I’m not around my family a whole lot but during the holidays i’ll either get the evil one liner, but usually you can brush people off by changing the subject. Though it would be nice to have them be supportive, i’m just as happy for them to not bug me or talk about it because sometimes explaining it just doesn’t get through their heads. My aunt told me that there isn’t such a thing as sugar free, oh geez.

Thanx for all of the support…and yes is does get old telling my family over and over again that I want to live…they are just in denial bc they have T2 and dont want to admit it