Hello my name is Gerrit and I am living in Holland and Poland.
I have diabetics type 1 since 1997, it runs in the family.
We keep horses in Poland it is our hobby.
I use the AccuCheck D-tron pomp since 1998, and I am looking for a new one.
This summer the Omnipod will arrive in Holland so maybe this a option. In September I have to diced what pomp I will take.
I hope to get a lot of information here on TuDiabetes
Have nice day Gerrit.

Welcome Gerrit! Happy to see you here.
Beautiful horses you got there! I do hope you will find the information you need and support here in the community. I do hope you will enjoy too =)

Hello Gerrit,

Nice to see a Dutchie arrive here …WELKOM …I am unable to help with information on the Omnipod ; I wear a Medtronic
( 522 ) since 2001 and am happy with what I got, including the CGMS . Omnipod unavailable in Canada .
Our friends from Brabant will drop by this summer …he still prefers not wearing a pump.Maybe friend and I get to discuss ???
I am originally from the Netherlands , emigrated in 1963 and old enough to get a Dutch pension …almost 5 years now :slight_smile: .There are other people from Holland in the( Europe) Group.
Have fun with your horses !