Holter monitor and Dexcom

Does anyone know if a Holter monitor interferes with the Dexcom G4? Or is it just a coincidence that my sensor went to ??? when I got hooked up this morning and has not come back except for sporadic readings even six hours later?

We had a Holter for 48 hours and I don’t remember any issues with Dexcom although that was a G5 we had so different transmission as well as there are quite a variety of different Holter devices.
So our situation may have not truly been the same as yours.

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It may just be a weird coincidence, then. Thankfully I only have to wear this thing for 24 hours (the tape is already itching me like crazy!). I’ll probably just do fingersticks tonight and see if the sensor picks up in the morning after I get unhooked.

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Well, my sensor has come back as of three hours ago. So looks like the nine-hour gap was just a fluke. Fingers cross it continues giving readings through the night and the rest of its run till restart.

It’s not impossible. I have a Bluetooth keyboard, and whenever it lost connection to the computer and I had to reconnect it, I noticed my G4 would show ??? for a few hours. Now I put the receiver in another room before I reconnect the keyboard. Not so possible with a Holter monitor, I guess …

My sensor provided data overnight. Then cut out again this morning. I’m wondering if having it on my bedside table versus pocket made a difference.

I just got disconnected. Very glad, as I definitely had an allergic reaction to the gel and tape. At least I brought Benadryl cream with me in anticipation.

Sensor has not come back. I’ll give it a couple more hours before restarting.

Question solved. Tried restarting sensor and it went to ??? before the warmup was even over. I intended to re-tape and restart this evening when I got home, but the tape was weak and I ended up accidentally ripping the sensor out. Found tried blood all over it. Weird that it worked fine for over a week before getting so wonky.

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