Holy @#%&*$% A1C

Seven years in dog years is what, 49? Well in A1C years, it's 28. Arden has had twenty-eight A1c tests since she was diagnosed and most of them didn't go too well. As I've shared in the past, Arden's A1c began it's journey above nine and drifted lower over the years as I learned how to better manage diabetes. It wasn't until recently that we've made real strides in decreasing that elusive number.

Awesome post. I've been in the same territory, mid-7s, for a while now, and some of the techniques you describe might well apply to Eric. I don't know about switching to Apidra — have to discuss that with his doc — but I've been just like you, way cautious about smacking down highs, and I think it's time I got more aggressive.