Holy cow . . . that hypo took me by surprise

Had my 3 month follow up with my endo yesterday, and things went really well. My sugars were all normal, blood pressure perfect, still only taking 2U Lantus at night, and he provisionally changed my diagnosis to T2, based on the fact that he can’t conceive of anyone having this long a honeymoon on this little insulin with such good sugar numbers (blood was drawn for all the fun antibody tests, but I don’t find out until next week.) The only reason he’s keeping me on the Lantus at all is because with older insulins, if people went off them and came back on, there could be massive resistance problems, and he felt there’s insufficient data on whether that can happen with the newer analogues.

Since my morning fasting sugars can sometimes be a bit high (highest is 120 or thereabouts, but with a Freestyle meter that seems to run high relative to the Aviva he gave me yesterday), I wanted to rule out Symogi effect, so we agreed that I should move my insulin to the AM.

What did I find out? Lantus in the AM + what appears to be reactive hypoglycemia=bad. Bad bad bad.

2 hour post for breakfast was around 135. About 3 hours after breakfast, I was feeling a bit off. Sugar was 74, so I tossed back a sugar packet for a few quick grams of carbs, which, since I don’t have any short-acting insulin on board, is usually sufficient. A little bit after that, I started feeling really off. Checked the sugar - 60. On 2 units of Lantus. Good thing I still remember how to treat a hypo . . . .

So, lesson learned. I think I’ll be switching back to a nighttime dose.

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed on the T2 diag!

Good Luck… Mazel Tov on good news !!!

Fingers Crossed*