Home again


Another trip for us. This time back home from OR... I got to tell you, this is one LONG drive. I told myself, that on the way back, I am taking my time and instead of two days, I will do it in three. I slept in on Friday morning to make sure I have plenty of energy to drive. Packed a night before, so all I had to do is load the luggage in the truck, load the kids and stop by a local store to get some ice for my cooler.

I get on my way, get all I need to get done, stop by the store to get snacks and ice, get comfortable in the driver's seat. After all, I will be in it for a while. I am all set, or so I think, I get on the highway, and not a minute later I realize that I left my daughter's insulin in the fridge!!!

In a matter of a minute I quickly calculate in my head when she had her site changed last time and how many days I am going to be on the road. I ask her to check the pump for number of units left. She tells me "15". I realize that I HAVE to turn around! There is no way she can make it back to CO on 15 units in three days!!!

So, I am off to a less that perfect start.

After that it is rather uneventful, until I try to get a hotel room. I ended up driving a whole lot more that I initially planned on. I just kept telling myself that more I drive today, less I have to drive tomorrow. Next thing I know, it it 1am and I am in the middle of a major road construction somewhere in Ogden, UT. i tried finding a hotel/motel, but completely lost, decide to get back on the road and stop at the next town and try again. Little that I know, but the next town is something like 50+ miles away. A sense of panic sets in...

I finally get off at Evanston, because I see a Hotel Avenue which gives me hope. No! Not today. Every single hotel room is sold out!!! There is some convention in the area. I am told that there is nothing in 60 mile radius. I can't believe my luck! A nice lady at one hotel said that I can park in the lights and sleep in my truck, if I wanted. I asked the kids. "No way!" they said. "Too scary! Keep driving..."

Easy for them to say that, they will fall back asleep in 5 minutes.

I get back on 80E and keep going.

You know, any time you start seeing signs like "Devil's slide overlook", "Echo town", you begin to wonder, where the heck are you and what would posses one to give a place name like that? I can't see anything in the dark, but I have a feeling that I am missing out on some magnificent views.

Anyway, 65 miles later I found a hotel that actually had a couple of rooms left. At this point I really had to think hard. It is 3am and I have ~7 hours left of driving. Is the room worth $125.00?.. Or should I just pull over and sleep in the truck till the sun is out?

I decided that a sense of security and a nice hot shower in the morning was worth it! We slept in till 9:30am, then got all cleaned up, and off we went to complete our journey. Second day was practically uneventful. Got home to a pile of junk mail and a couple of packages. Still, it good to be home!!!