Home insulin urine test

I don’t know the name of it (or if it’s on the market yet), but maybe this will help those of you who are unsure of type and doctors won’t do tests. Heck, I’ve been Type 1 for 20 years since childhood and have never had my insulin measured because there isn’t any point, but I’d be curious to take the test myself!


This sounds cool! I wonder how it works. I have never had a c-peptide measured and I would be curious too.

Great! Would help solve the what-am-I problem & for peope who dread going to doctors, can’t afford visits & have doctors who refuse to test, as you said.

I’d like to use this test when I have unexplained lows to learn if these occurrences are tied to production of insulin, which is my theory.

I’ve never had C-peptide tested.

Thanks for posting!

Wow i hope they do that in the uk! I had a cpep test done when diagnosed and came back showing insulin production and im over weight so was diagnosed as a T2 however my dsn doesnt think I am as I produce ketones plus i use insulin as a T1 would with no IR but my doc doesnt wanna run another test.

It is important to keep this test in context. The article reports on work by Andrew Hattersley of Exeter, yes that Hattersly. The worlds leading MODY researcher. Your liver and kidneys naturally “clear” insulin out of your bloodstream, that is one of the reasons you have to keep taking that basal. And it is natural that some of it just goes out the other end. But the level of measured insulin in your urine is unlikely to tell you much. The insulin would be excreted by your body at highly variable rates and be collected and held by your urine for perhaps many hours. The c-peptide is already a “crude” measurement and this will more likely be a “yes/no” type of measurement.

It is thought by some (and I think Hattersly is a proponent) that perhaps as many as 15 % of diabetics could be MODY and that some/many of those “diagnosed” with T1 are actually MODY and could be treated differently (perhaps weaned of full time insulin). His test is being suggested as a screening test to identify T1s who still produce “some” insulin who should be tested (genetically) to see if they have the right diagnosis.

I’m sorry, I probably rained on everyone’s parade. I am just one big party pooper. Sorry.