has anyone thought about a homebirth. im not pregnant yet but we would love to have a homebirth when the time comes. we have a couple of appointment with midwives to talk about it. anyone else out there thinking about homebirth?

Hi Dorene!

I am not personally planning for a home birth, but I guess that it should be an option…

One thing that I would ask about is what they can do for the child immediately after birth. I know that there are some special procedures (like measuring and correcting blood sugar right away). If your baby is born with low blood sugar (which can be the result of the baby OVER producing insulin during the pregnancy to compensate for Mom’s high blood sugars)… then this should be corrected immediately.

I would just check about the procedures that would happen in the hospital related to a diabetic pregnancy (perhaps some of the Mom’s can help us here??) and make sure that they can be available if needed.