I have a homeless outreach that I run. On 3/22 -3/25 Im going to live on the streets of downtown Indianapolis. Im going to experience what the homeless live on a daily basis. Not taking any food or money with me.
I am taking my test kit and a roll of life savers candy. If my BS should drop low for some reason I can bring it back up with out having to pass out on the street.

Hi karatejoe, be careful! At least wear some medical ID since noone else on the street is likely to know how to help you if the need arises. Cheers!

You are a brave SOB sir. As an insulin dependent diabetic being homeless is basically a death sentence IMO.

Be careful karatejoe. Do what Trudy told u to do. Good luck

I have to be honest with you and tell you that you are setting yourself up for disaster if all you plan to bring to treat a low is lifesavers but if you don’t take insulin you probably don’t go low . However if you do take insulin I strongly recommend that you bring at least a full size container of glucose tablets and some juice packets . Cause I’ve had lows where I have needed the entire roll of lifesavers for one low blood sugar episode