Homeschoolers with Type 1

My daughter is 11 and we homeschool. I wanted to find others doing the same. I find it challenging to deal with “normal preteen attitude” and “high blood sugar” personality changes.

Hello, my name is Kimberly and I am a homeschool Mom too. My daughter Chloe is 8. I started homeschooling in 2006 when she was diagnosed. I also have a 14 yo who is homeschooled now. I always tell people that if something good did come out of the type 1 diagnosis for my daughter it is the homeschooling. Chloe started using a Animas pump in December and I am looking into the 24 hr monitor.

Hi! My daughter is also on the Animas pump. I have to say, we had better control when she was on the shots. I think it is only because we counted every carb and our friends that watched her did as well. She has so much freedom with the pump that we are really working on her being responsible. Where do you live? We are in Lawrenceville, GA. Do you find it challenging to deal with your daughters personality changes during “school”?