Honey, do these glucose tablets make me look fat?

Many of you Old Schoolers might be experiencing the dreaded middle-age spread. I know I am.

I started tracking my calories using the nutrition tool at sparkpeople.com. I was shocked to learn how many calories I consume each day treating lows. These can range from 120-300 calories per day in juice, Coke, or even glucose tablets.

The most egregious and frustrating instances are when I need to get my blood glucose up to a reasonable level before I exercise. So I eat excess in order to burn calories. Kind of defeats the purpose, right? For example, I was heading out to a tennis drill and I was at 80. So I had six glucose tablets (trying to hit 180 or so) and I kept dropping for some reason. So I pounded three more tablets and drank a Coke on-court. I burned about 400 calories with the tennis so I think I came out even.

The D can be sooo infuriating. It’s hard enough to lose weight but the fact I sabotage my efforts because I am trying to stay conscious/alive really pisses me off.

I can totally relate! I am a runner and I never go for a run without eating first! This morning I was 65 before my run so I had juice, a banana and tested and was just 80…so then I had a little more juice and a graham cracker with peanut butter! Ugh. Eating so I can exercise just seems so wrong somehow…So, then I ran for 30 minutes and of course it is always worth it but calorie wise, I probabley came out even as well. go figure…

It almost seem like you have to plan hours ahead of time before you exercise so you can take less insulin so that by the time you do finally get to exercising you are in the high 100’s. If managing your levels isn’t hard enough, now you need to be thinking hours ahead of time to incorporate exercise. It never seems to get easier.

Middle age – check! Spread – check! I’m training for my first half marathon and at times have to eat to fuel the run and/or feed the insulin. Not always if my basal rates and the stars are properly aligned :), but when I do it sure is frustrating. My weight has stayed about the same, even as my mileage goes up. You are not alone!

the half marathon is the perfect distance in my opinion! Not too long so that you are suffering at the end but long enough that you know you’ve accomplished a big goal. keep up the good work! I always stashed a gatorade somewhere at around the 8 mile mark…

I wnt to the seaside recently, and as i adore running and swimming, i had to bring and eat plenty of cereals tablets and sweets ( the glucose ones are not available here ion England). i found it just so annoying!:frowning: