Honeymoon phase?

So I'm still in the "honeymoon phase" and I'm using the minimed insulin pump my basal rate for 24 hours totals to 11.450. I was just wondering how much does a person who isn't in the honeymoon phase usually have to take? Or is every person different?... Right now I only fill my pump up to about 90 units and that lasts me 4 to 5 days and I've I read of a lot of people taking up to 300 in 3 days so I'm just curious about that.

I'm interested in how much everyone else has to take too?

Hi Jamie. Everyones insulin needs are different, but my basal is at 20.90 a day and I use about 120 to 140 units every 3 days in my pump. I’m sure everyone u hear from will b taking different amounts. It just depends on what your body needs.

Thanks for repling Heather, that’s why I thought everyones would be different but I just wanted to make sure and here how much everyone else takes

Hi Jamie~
I have been diabetic for almost 18 years, and I just got put on the pump this week. I used to take Lantus (a long acting insulin) everyday using 25 units. Now that I am on the pump, I take 24 units every 24 hours. I am not sure why everyone takes a different amount. Maybe it’s cause someone who has had diabetes longer grows resistant to the insulin over time or the more body weight you have the more insulin you need? I wish that I didn’t have to take as much insulin but that’s the right basal rate for me at this time.

I’m still in my honeymoon phase and I’m at 16.8 units for my basal in 24 hours. I am on the OmniPod and I filled my pump with 100 units to last my three days and it seems about perfect right now.

I used to take lantus also, 20 units everynight. I think ^youre right, the longer you have diabetes the more resistant your body becomes to it…that scares me! I hear of people not starting to feel lows until the 50s!! I feel it at 80 sometimes!

I don’t eat a lot, but when I do it’s kind of carby. I need to get over that habit and I’m working on it.

But like everyone has said, everyone is different so it doesn’t make you wrong, just everyone has different needs to accomidate for their lifestyle/body!

Diabetic for 22+yrs… My total basal is 24.000. I average about 70u/day.

now that i’m pregnant I have to take 22.000 for my basal haha and about 45 to 50u/day