Honeymoon stress

Well it’s been almost three months since I was diagnosed with type one diabetes.

After two weeks of being diagnosed I started to struggle with lows (nothing serious) and ate a lot of food to keep my bg from going down. I spent a lot of time researching and discovered that I was probably going through the honeymoon phase. After a short visit to the endo it was confirmed… at that point I was already adjusting my fast acting. Now I’m down from 12 units to 2 units of basil & no fast acting.

It’s been really tough on me to make the insulin adjustments. I change the basil one to two units every couple of weeks.

It’s crazy how it changes…all of a sudden I have lower blood sugars and I need to wake up at least a couple of times in the night to check my bg and eat something. I basically have to adjust my routine. It makes me feel depressed and I feel like I have to pause life for a couple of days while I get the routine down.

Eventually I’ll probably be down to 1 unit and then hopefully things will stabilize for a couple of months and then I guess I have to adjust as my insulin requirments increase.

I’ll survive through this…I’m a tough cookie but it’s hard sometimes.

I’m curious if any other tudiabetes memebers have gone through this & what it was like for them.

I am probably in the honeymoon stage as well. i was dx in jan 08, and i have days where i take thenormal amount and still i am in the low side of the 70’s and then days where i take extra, sliding scale here, and nothing brings it down. On top of that i have to have all my teeth out in a week and will not be able to eat much more than soup and yogurt, that kind of scares me where where my bg will be and what to do about it. So I would say that you are not alone in the constant adjustments, trying to figure out the pattern of the diabetes so that you can get a handle on it then it changes is just frustration of the highest degree! I am like you tho a survivor and adjustor and will eventually figure it all out!
Hang in there i am told this too will pass!
good luck and keep us posted!