So I was just diagnosed t1 on 4-27-10 and my a1c then was 13.9 and 3 months later it was 6.1 with a few correction shots here and there and pretty much only using my long lasting levimere at 10 units a day. Is this possible ? Am I just lucky? Is this the testing period that’s going to set the pace for my future? I know I should be thankful that things are easy for now and I am. Just makes me wonder? I have no insurance no endo advice so any advice will be most appreciative, thank you for reading!

Yep, sounds like a honeymoon to me! How are your numbers two hours after a meal? Keep track of them because in time they will go up and you’ll need a bolus insulin as well. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions on here, lots of experience to learn from!