Honeymoon's over?

I’m just over two months past my initial diagnosis. After the first couple of weeks of playing with my insulin dosages, my BS levels came into normal levels most of the time. Well, until this week. I was out of the country last week, and my average BS levels while I was traveling were a bit higher than what I’d become used to seeing, but they were still in an acceptable range (hovering around 100 on average, with a range between 73-179 overall). Only now that I’m back and getting settled into my normal routine again, I’m not seeing the same numbers as before the trip. Whereas my FBS levels used to be between 75-90, now they’ve been over 100 most days of the week. And my numbers during the day seem to be rising, albeit slowly, too.

I’m hoping that this is just a matter of my body needing a bit of time to readjust after travel, but I’m concerned about this trend, especially since I’m continuing to work out, limit my carb intake, and do everything that worked so well in those earlier weeks.

your honeymoon can come and go, if that makes sense. I had bad weeks where I needed more insulin and then it would go back to normal. Readjusting after travel, maybe you have a infection that isn’t strong enough to produce symptoms but can pop your BG (that happened to me a few times) or you’re just stressed. The stress hormone cortisol raises BG and if you’re trying to get everything back to normal that could be it too. Also if you are on the downward decline of your honeymoon (the progression is not always a straight line, it can look like an uneven staircase) you might need to change your meds accordingly.

Thanks for the info - I forget that stress can have that effect, and I’m always stressed after travel and getting back to work.