Hope I helped another diabetic

I was in the checkout queue today buying just a pack of cold sliced beef for a snack lunch. I dropped some coins and the much younger woman behind me, buying packs of sandwiches. helped pick them up. We fell into conversation. She told me that as a diabetic she Must eat carbohydrate and couldn’t just have the meat. I told her it isn’t true( she’s a type 1) and asked about her numbers A1c over 7% and wildly swinging daily numbers. I told her to get Dr. Bernstein’s book. At some point in the conversation, she told me she has complications. I could see her eyes are damaged. I would guess her right one has almost no sight left. Even if she doesn’t remember our whole conversation, I hope she’s going to think things through.

I would be willig to bet that you have helped more than just that woman. I bet she passes the information on to at least another person and they pass it on to another and so on and so on. It never hurts to be nice to a person.