Hoping & Praying (for a promising 2008)


It's 2008... all of us hopes for a better year... I really do hope I have (and my family) a brighter future this 2008. and I am thankful that before 2007 ends, I already have found a job(first day of work:December 31,2007) , the salary is not that promising but I like it because the work place is just near our house... and I am enjoying it...

I am really hoping that our finances will also improve this 2008... right now, I'm almost out of strips, I only have 3 strips and I am now thinking how am I able to buy tomorrow... I asked help from friends but they are broke too, LOL, what a start of the year! It's really hard to handle diabetes with unstable finances, just cry if you can't find an answer.

I am planning to apply a job in California (the opportunity is great), but the placement fee is $2,500 (105,000pesos), that's a big amount of money, but the offered salary is not bad. But as I was asking help from friends and relatives... no one is ready to lend a hand... I am really disappointed... Before, when my father was still alive and money is not a problem, I got lots of friends and relatives (my father's siblings mostly, they are now living in Canada and US) asking for favors, and my father whose kindhearted doesn't know how to say no to people in need especially to friends and relatives... my mom just commented: that's life, child... that's life...

I am still hoping or the best... Praying God will grant the desires of my heart...


I’ll hope and pray that your finances improve. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you. I understand the money situation though, as we are sending money to my grandmother and aunts and uncles in PI as often as we can.

I hope that your relatives see the light and send something, every little bit counts right.

Take care!