Hormone Pixies strike again, problem solving!

It is indisputable.

For members who are of a don’t ask/don’t tell disposition about lady stuff you might not want to read on…
Theres nothing in depth but there’s no denying what this post is about…

Due to fertility issues I am an avid POAS’er (peeing on a stick) Dang I love ebay!, I woulda bankrupted myself by now if it weren’t for them.
I know my body pretty well. I know the ‘signs’ that somethings off whack, particularly with regard to the lady hormone department (as I’ve been trying for a little one for what seems like eons) I am Hypersensitive one might say.

The minute I get those specific twinges around my midriff, I start POAS! The corresponding positive for LH (lutenizing hormone which is the one the tests show up though I am sure others are involved, I suspect a conspiracy!!) almost exactly matches the mental Bgs I experience in the following 2 weeks (after this surge which indicates ovulation for those interested) waiting for ‘HER’ to show up. This cycle is almost exactly as it has been before.

It was only 3 years ago that I was told/found out that this could happen. Like did no-one think about mentioning it before? But hey, for years things were so erratic I still couldn’t have seen when ‘she’ was coming anyway.

I had surgery about 4 years ago and it kick started what can loosely be called a cycle. Metformin which I was given for Insulin resistance (from PCOS/PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome) also helped.

Things are more ‘regular’ now and I am also MUCH more tuned in.

I have had 3 cycles since starting on the pump (this is nearing the end of the 4th) and while things are pretty darned good (barring stress and pilot error) this has been a problem from day one (or probably more like day 28). I have noted and mapped and pre-prepared myself and liased with my nurse and finally knowing this day was coming I re-read my pump manual!! I know!!

I have set my dear little spirit to…dun dun daaaaaaah…advanced!! and programmed a second profile, I’ve not gone overboard and only upped things by 0.1u per hour which during the day has been fine, I fear that it may need upping again for the evenings around tea time but we’ll see. So chufty badge ahoy!! I feel very pro-active and a little bit happy? these predictable (with the aid of my supersensitivity and POAS) 2 weeks of erratic Bgs are screwing up my a1c.


So git back in yer box pixies, I will not lie down and take this, you will not stop me from getting my A1c down.