Horray for small victories!

24 hours with NO spikes over 300. In fact the highest he reached in the previous 24 hours has been 258. Two days now with similar results. Getting my party hat out so that I can enjoy this temporary win over T1…then I’ll put my hat back and deal with future upsets that will certainly occur again…and again…and again…and…


As long as you continue to pay attention and draw lessons from both victories and defeats, you will get better and better at this. I’m sure you’ve accepted that this is a game where the rules change and the target moves, you’ll be fine in the long run. Don’t ever expect a situation with perfect pump settings. Perfect pump settings don’t exist because that perfection migrates. Diabetes is dynamic, not static. You are doing well!


Sometimes small victories taste sweeter than the larger ones!

Keep up the good work, but don’t burn out. (Easier said than done. :wink:)


It’s actually been easy after getting some really good recommendations and finally realizing that …I’m in charge. I made some pretty big changes that I would have normally waited weeks to make…all in the hope that I would see a difference (without making him go too low), and it really worked. I know the work will never go away, but now I’m on our 3rd day with no spikes over 300 and it REALLY feels good and now I’m crying tears of happiness instead of sadness. Still crying, but at least happy tears…for now.


awe to the some.:+1: