Hospitalization during pregnancy?

I am preparing for planning for pregnancy (i.e. not trying yet… but hoping to soon!!).

I currently live in Hungary in Europe and am insured through the national health care system.

Recently, I heard that women with type 1 diabetes are hospitalized for the first 12 weeks (!) of their pregnancy. This seems like a really extreme measure to me. They said that they need to test a lot etc. I am already thinking of how I can get out of this ‘requirement’.

I understand there are reasons that I might need to be hospitalized during pregnancy, but can you imagine any reason that it would be good to be hospitalized no matter what?

Did any other women need to be hospitalized?

Wow - is that a requirement specific to the health care system in Hungary? I was never hospitalized in the beginning with either of my children. The only folks I know personally who were hospitalized in first trimester were for dehydration from extreme morning sickness - and it was not for 12 weeks.

Best of luck with your pregnancy! I would definitely ask around a little more in your local area, consult other docs, whatever you need to do to avoid this requirement. I had weekly appointments through my whole pregnancy with baby number 2, but no early hospitalization.

Thanks Melinda!

This was my feeling too. If the doctor says that I need to be monitored, then I am willing to be hospitalized, but I can’t imagine that I will live healthier and eat better in the hospital than at home.

My husband and I are going to go meet doctors in a few months and ask about this (and many other things!!). Just wanted to check if people thought there was some reason that this would be a good idea.

Kristin -

Good for you for thinking about it and getting ready!

I have never heard of this! I don’t believe this is true what-so-ever. Maybe on a very special basis per person, but all the many T1 women I know who are pregnant are definitely NOT hospitalized during any part of their pregnancy unless something unusual occurs (or the baby is coming:D). Sheesh - the idea infuriates me actually! The idea is to NOT have stress and live a healthy and normal life as much as possible. Living at a hospital would not do wonders for my blood sugars or state-of-mind.


wow- like others say . i had weekly visits at my first trimester 3rd trimester i had 2 visits per week i was begining to feel part of the staff by then… lol!! but never did i have to hospitilized the first 12 weeks…

I live in Canada. I had both my babies in the hospital. Stayed for 3 days at most. But unless there is some underlying issue with the baby or other health issue, all diabetics do not need to spend that long in the hospital for a pregnancy. Although, if they are making you meals and doing the laundry, I would consider it a nice vacation :slight_smile: (just joking…)

As advice, and this is really not diabetes releated per se, but I used a doula with my second baby. I was on a bunch of IVs, so felt a hospotal delivery was necessary rather then a home delivery. Many people like to have home deliveries and use mid-wives, but I don’t recommend that for people with diabetes. Your insulin level is directly related to the hormones from pregnancy and you can go through quite a quick change once the baby is delivered. Your hormones and insulin requirement take quite a drastic change, so I liked being in a hospital. Also diabetic babies have much higher risk of complications, so the hospital gave me comfort knowing the baby would be well looked after. So I like to be in the hospital for that, which kinda took the mid-wife option away as our hospital does not permit mid-wives. It always your choice, but I liked having a doula who concentrated on helping me in the delivery and the dr’s concentrated on the baby. This was an out of pocket expense, but well worth it for me.

I say go with a doula, but also look at the mid-wide option.

I live in a very rural area. I started talking to my endo, my ob-gyn and family dr as soon as i was pregnant about the fact that I wanted to wear my pump in delivery. This took a lot of convincing and work to do it. I was the first person in that hospital to ever wear the pump in delivery. There was a backup plan using insulin in an IV, which they felt more comfortable with, but I didn’t like. It worked out really well on the pump. And all my drs said it was the best diabetic delivery they went through. I had a great hubby, who was taking my blood sugars every 10 mins and writing them down. I had my CGM on, but it ended up not working too well and I find it isn’t always that accurate anyway. It takes quite a team, so take some time and think about who you want to include on your team: doula, mid-wife, endo, ob-gyn, hubby, etc, etc…

Good luck in your preps. Its a great idea to ask as many questions as you can before you are pregnant. My experience is just one and everyone will have a different experience, so be sure to keep an open mind and know that you can plan, but almost anything can happen and plans have to change.

I never heard of this either Kristen unless there was something to be concerned about obviously. I don’t suggest having a baby anywhere than a hospital. You just never know what can happen and a hospital is equipped to take care of you and the baby. For example, I had preeclamsia unexpectedly while in labor. My blood pressure was perfect during my whole pregnancy so it was crazy. I also left my pump on the time. I wrote about my pregnancy on my myspace blog you or anyone wants to check it out.

Hi Kristin,
I live relatively close to you, in Croatia. Women with diabetes here don’t have to be hospitalized during the pregnancy, except when some serious complications are devoloped. I gave birth to my son three years ago, and spent only couple of days in hospital in the begining of the pregnancy, and also two weeks prior to delivery. However, my doctor wanted to see me every two weeks, and I had more ultrasound scans than nondiabetic women.

My advice to you: find some diabetic women with recent pregnancy experience and ask them about details. The association of D patients here organizes workshops about that topic, for ladies who are planning pregnancy. So, maybe there is something similar in Hungary.

Good luck!

I’ve never heard anything like this before! I see no reason to be hospitalized for the 1st 3 months of your pregnancy, unless something else is going on. I’d check this out further to find out how much truth is in this. I don’t know what kind of tests would be done, but if you’re checking your own blood sugars, feeling pretty well, aside from morning sickness, and have no other symptoms of an illness, you should be alright on your own at home, doing your own thing.

Check it out first. Bizarre if its true.

I found out that it really depends on the doctor. There are some old fashioned doctors that still require it, but there are also doctors that don’t! I will definitely choose a doctor that will let me be at home unless I need to be in the hospital!

Thanks for all your suggestions and encouragement!