Hot Weather Prep for a Hot Weather Hater!

So. Dearhearts. I'm not insulin dependent yet and I don't need to worry about keeping my insulin chilled---though as of July 4th, beloved goofball kitty Doufus is on insulin and you better believe, thanks to all we have learned at TuD, we have back-ups for him in mind if the power dies!

However---every organ and joint and nerve in my old body hates HOT: puffy, achy, gasping for air as humidity rises—I know many of you get it.

So my prep for the next 8-12 days of temps from 90-100+ involve things like never ever turning on the stove---Yah! So in advance on last lovely cool morning and evening my list has included:

--Lots of watering, rotating soakers and spot-focus in my double-lot size garden and potted vegetable garden on deck….Exhausting schlepping of heavy hoses, even with all the soakers.

--Turn on the stove for an extended get-it-ready-in-advance late afternoon and evening session: boiling tons of water for 6 Liters of my personal blend of herbal tea that goes right to the fridge so it's always cold!.....A dozen hard boiled eggs to be turned into egg salad, deviled eggs or just eaten for a protein boost……A few slices of bacon to be cut up in eggs or added to a turkey sandwich….My sweetie has been refreshing supplies so we can use the Weber or the Coleman Stove or our tiny camp stove---anything that is outside!

We've been practicing our long-evolved fan-system. A dozen or more around the house (including one plugged into my computer!) and the detailed routines of on/off/upstairs/downstairs/front of house/back of house, ETC!

Anyway. My flowers wilt to protect themselves and save their energy. I like to think that is why I wilt. I just need to get better at the tropical concept of siestas. It's organic and brilliantly in tune with the cycles of the earth. But for an old Minnesotan, it is a very difficult adjustment!

Blessings, as ever…Judith

What a lovely blog, judith

Your days are so well thought out and busy....kudos to you. What do you plant in your garden Judith? Do you have a special shaded oasis/sanctuary in which to soak up a favourite tome? After all that busy prep work and schlepping, you need a little corner to sit down, put your feet up and enjoy the fruit of your labour. Are you reading anything "juicy" during the summer?
How is your little Doufus he adapting well? Where do you inject him?
Take care, and baskets of hugs my dear.....

Judith, all your plans sound great! (I'll take deviled eggs anytime.) We're predicted to have a real cool-down next week, I mean maybe below 70 degrees. Don't know whether I like your weather or mine better! I gotta tell you, though--your flowers are going to need a little help as you approach such blistering weather... When you post about your kitties, I'll do a follow-up on my girls,Cici and Betsy--hint, life is pretty good. Cheers!

Here’s our shady haven in the backyard. It’s under a 50’ tall Hawthorn that was 5’ tall when we moved in back in 1991…

Linda—A few years back, we realized our love of trees had taken over and we no longer had enough sunny space down in the yard to grow veggies, though I’ve kept one area sunny for sun-loving flowers! So that’s why we have an extensive deck garden in large pots—I can “fall” out the back door and gather what I need for a big lunch salad—and my hubby makes pesto, tomato paste, etc.

Trudy, With this long a hot spell, I’ll be watering pots on the deck every other day and rotating which soakers I turn on at the rate of 2 plots/day…

Here we go. It just hit 90. 100 by mid-week next week…Whew…Blessings

Oh Judith....your shaded haven is blissful. I fancy myself coming for a nice cold tea, in my flowing skirt and sandals....and spending the afternoon chatting about nothing and everything! What an oasis!!!

it looks like heaven :)
must feel like it

All are welcome! Always iced tea and crackers on hand---or iced wine if the timing is appropriate! And kitty shenanigans bound to happen at some point!.....


Oh I hate hot weather too! But we are in for a possible record cold snap this coming week.
I got a ceiling fan about 10 years ago and it helps a lot. I also take a spray bottle of water and douse myself with it and lie under the fan and let it evaporate (although one time last summer I did not turn on the light and accidentally used the bottle of Febreeze).
I do not use the regular oven and have never believed in microwaves, but I do have a small convection/toaster over than does not heat up the surrounding air.
An acquaintance who was in combat in Vietnam said they used to cool off by simple dipping a cloth in water and placing it on their solar plexus.
One summer I recall reading Will Steger's North To The Pole about his Arctic expedition and boy did I feel chilled........
Take care.

You're right Kathy....there's much to be said for mind over helps a bit when it's sickly hot to think cold thoughts....looking at photos of winter scenes etc. Letting cold water run over your wrist/soaking your feet in a kiddy pool help also!

Oh yes--you both remind me of the hot spell a few years back when I spent the summer in ancient Greenland via Jane Smiley's epic novel "The Greenlanders". Haven't tried the misting oneself in the house, but I have often used a large bag of frozen peas on the back of my neck---cooling down pulse points is an old "in the wings" trick during fast costume changes. I do douse myself with the hose while I am watering. Besides cooling me down, it somehow always makes me giggle---not sure why?!

Hi Judith, You sure have a beautiful garden. It is lovely. I am not a fan of the hot weather either and have been going to the neighborhood pool to cool off. It is amazing how much getting into the cold water helps my pain.

Oh my, Lots--I have always believed swimming is about the very best whole body exercise. I grew up swimming in many of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes---Nirvana. Indoor pools I find difficult (so noisy and smelly), but would go to an outdoor one anytime if it was handy. Portlanders also can play in any of our many downtown fountains. We used to do that after rehearsals when our studio was downtown!

Like you, my kitties help me get out of bed in the morning and the garden is also dependent on me getting thru the days no matter what.....

Tonight, the weather breaks. Hooray. Did okay, amazingly enough---the prep really helped!

This afternoon, as the thermometer hit 90 degrees, it was 76 degrees in the house!. Unfortunately, the humidity was 60% which is icky for us. But, we rejoice! It has taken us over a decade of accumulating and placing every possible kind of fan to make that happen!

We just never could justify getting air conditioning for a place that averages something like 11 days/year over 90 degrees.....We'll see. That may be changing!...Blessings, heat and all!.....