Hot Yoga anyone?

I recently joined a Hot Yoga studio. Started out dressing modestly, with some shyness about revealing the transmitter stuck to my body. Didn't take more than a week to realize I needed to wear less clothes and not worry about whether people are going to stare.

Has anyone else gone through this?

How do you do Hot Yoga with out sweating out infusion sites and the tape on the sensors? I have sweated them out even in Vinyassa and wearing extra tape. I do not worry about people seeing the sensor. The people are very understanding and accepting. Plus it a lot of times makes people ask questions so I use it as an opportunity to educate. I do get a bit self conscious when alarms go off during Savasana. I am also in a Yoga Teachers training program with the eventual goal to work with Diabetics and people with limitations.

I’m not pumping yet, so it’s just the Dex. I’ve had pretty good luck keeping it on by first scrubbing well, giving the area two light layers of Skin Prep, and then cutting appropriate size pieces of Opsite-Flexifix and applying them to all four sides of the sensor. Even with heavy sweating it stays intact almost 2 weeks. It’s also important to be really careful when you smooth out the sensor’s tape, avoiding any folds or bumps that could let in moisture.

I have turned off my high alarm and just use the low alarm (at 60). There is a point in class (after we go thru along of intense standing poses) that I check it and assess whether I need to take some glucose.It usually doesn’t take much cause my breakfast insulin is pretty much out of there by then. BTW, I have discovered Clif Shot Blocks as the perfect substance to take to class. They are gummy (not dry like glucose tabs), come in some decent flavors, and are very fast acting. 3 pieces has 24 carbs…I usually don’t need more than one to get me back where I need to be.

Medtronic says not to use Skin Prep on the area of the sensor so I have not done that. I always use Skin Prep with my infusion set inserts, but it does not always help enough. I’ll have to try Opsite-Flexifit. I have not heard of that tape before. Where do you get it? I have never had a high alarm during class only low and the alarms from the pump are because I usually drop my basal by using the Temp. Basal feature. Tonight I dropped to 45 during Savasana…I did not have a sensor in. I just did not realize it was happening. The darn Hypo unawareness. Tomorrow I will put a sensor in and try some extra tape. I only get about 7 days from my sensors. Sometimes 9, but not that often.

Clif Shot Blocks are new to me as well. I will have to look for them also.

Opsite flexifix is a Smith and Nephew product. You can’t find it in a pharmacy. I purchased it online but can’t recall which site I purchased it from.

I look forward to using a pump but I’m holding out until I can get an integrated pump/CGM. It seemed like that was going to happen soon, but the danged FDA made Dexcom jump thru a bunch more hoops before they will be allowed to sell a combo. Makes me so mad that they will be starting to sell it in Europe, but it won’t be on the market here for the forseeeable future.