Hot Yoga while on Metformin

Hi everyone, back again! I recently began using Metformin with my Tandem t:slim AND Dexcom. I'm excited to be trying this new combination as a T1. However, I have read that dehydration can accelerate lactic acidosis in patients taking Metformin. Has anyone out there taking hot yoga and on Met had a problem with this? Just checking...thanks!!!


why are you on Metformin?

I asked my endocrinologist to put me on it. I work in research and I've seen some positive trends regarding the inclusion of Metformin with insulin in Type 1s. There's a study being conducted by JDRF currently on the use of Metformin in overweight adolescents with Type 1. Metformin is an old, old drug and has many beneficial properties that can aid metabolism. Because I have a pronounced Dawn Phenomenon, I am hoping that the Met will increase my insulin sensitivity and therefore decrease resistance. Metformin also aids the liver in preventing excess glucose from being dumped in the system. So far I've seen a reduction in my total daily dose on my pump. There are also some Type 1s out there that say they've had weight loss with Metformin- that would make sense if your insulin dose is lowered. And update- I went to yoga tonight and I couldn't do the more advanced poses and I had a problem with the Dexcom tape coming off but other that that it was okay. I think for next time I'll try to move the Dex to my arm or lower back maybe.....

thanks for sharing the research. I have heard more negative things regarding metforim, but never actually read study.
have you tried other forms of yoga...not in hot ht room?

I have been to regular yoga but the studio I go to in Brooklyn specializes in "hot" yoga. They offer a wide variety of classes from warm, regular and hot (105 degrees) and other fitness classes in a warm room. I just find that I really like how I feel after regular hot yoga (temp is usually 94). As far as Metformin, I read a ton of things about nasty side effects before I tried it. Here's what I have to say about that: I've had ZERO side effects, except better blood sugars and less total daily TDD yesterday was 20.8 units.......I'm used to being at around 24-27 a day. I think some people get side effects when they take the Met improperly. You have to sandwich it into a big meal, and you have to be hydrated and not drink alcohol. So far, so good for me.

good it is working for you. we all need to find what works for us.
I do a gentle flow yoga and actually cut basal down to 50% 1/2 hour before, during, and 1/2 hour after