Hotter than a pepper

Well it's Friday, the sun is shining, blood is great and I just paid all my bills. It's a wonderful Friday afternoon outside and I'm sitting at my desk at work cookin because the sun is shining through my window and i think i'm getting a sunburn. Anyway I figured that it's been awhile since i've written my usual useless nonsense on my blog and i thought seeing as how i have some time i would do so.

Things with my job are going awesome still. I've really been pushing hard at scheduling presentations in classrooms at the schools in my area and i'm having so much fun talking about diabetes in general and my own personal experiences with the disease. I just finished a weeklong workshop with 'Getting better together' a program for people living with a chronic illness and now i'm certified to lead a group of my own. It's a wonderful program and part of tyhe training was going through the 6 week long support group type program in a week. It helped me alot just getting me thinking about my own journey with a chronic illness. I felt really good after completing the workshop and realized how much I have grown as a person in the last ten years living with diabetes.

Things with Cara are going really well and even though she's 8 hours away I feel a real connection with her and just thinking about her makes me smile.

I really don't know what else to say other than right now at this very moment I am at a good place in life and nothing on my mind at this point is worrying me. I was doing some thinking the other day and I wish that i could meet some of the people i've met on this site and I think that next year I would like to plan a trip somewhere and maybe get together at a conference or something like that. Anyway i'm done rambling, hope everyone else is doing well. For now i'm busy kicking diabetes' @$$.

Stay happy all:)