Hottest April for 350 years here in the UK

Here I sit for the first time in days trying to fathom out how to get control of my diabetes will changing it’s name from Raffles make any difference or id diabetes still diabetes no matter what you call it,my disappointing six monthly check up proved one thing never take this condition lightly,it is going from lows to highs that cause me all the trouble,the holidays have not helped me much with rich food on the menu for friends and family over the two week period I am ashamed to say I strayed of the path more than once,it is a glorious May day here in the Shire Mother Nature at her best,my arms are itching it could be sitting out in the Sun yesterday that caused it,not a Sun person myself.
Time for my dose of Victoza…done and dusted,smudge meowing to be let in back in a moment or in my case as son as I can shuffle my feet to the back door phew out of breath panting like a tortoise rushing somewhere,love to get out in the garden plant a few seeds the wife bless her heart has to do all those sort of things these days,but I still have fond memories of helping her do the garden the Royal Wedding was phantasmagoria and the kiss well two kisses warmed the heart of the Nation in these troubled and unsettling times I feel happy Her Majesty has something nice happen for a change