Hourly bloodsugar

Does anyone know when I download my pump to Diasend which line I look at to find my hourly bloodsugar using cgm.

"IF" the cgm data is present, when you open the Diasend reporting webpage, click on the “CGM” menu selection. (Like a tab but not really a tab). You then have to Select a Time Interval or use the default selection of the last 14 days. At this point, if you do NOT see anything in the “Standard Day” (AGP) report which is immediately on your screen, then either you have NO cgm data uploaded OR your date selection is not valid for the cgm data which you DO have uploaded.
Maximum date range selection is 200 days.

So that is the first question. Do you see ANY data in the “Standard Day” (AGP) graph for any date selection for which you believe there is valid cgm data?

When you have a data selection which DOES show data on the AGP report then you can switch reports to the “Trend” report or the “Day by Day” report. Both of these show you detailed cgm graphs. The “Trend” report shows one graph per week and the “Day by Day” shows one graph per day.