House Members Riled Over Insulin Prices


Their record is nothing but continuous crime.

Eli Lilly is the embodiment of the corporate psychopath. I don’t write that just to be mean I say that cause it is important to know your opponent and what makes them tick.

I suggest reading Snakes in Suits : When Psychopaths Go to Work, a non-fiction book by industrial psychologist Paul Babiak and criminal psychologist Robert D. Hare.

The current tactic is a failed strategy from the start. These hearings are nothing but public shaming sessions and the most well known characteristic of psychopaths is the inability to feel shame and remorse.

Patients are rationing their insulin and some die cause the price is so high !!! Say it 100 times. Get a bullhorn and shout it at 140 decibels, it doesn’t matter.

They don’t care. They couldn’t care even if they were curious what caring feels like and really wanted too. Its just the condition.

This problem will never be solved with shaming and emotional pleas.


Maybe find a more accurate cartoon interpretation to try and make your point. As a farmer who actually is involved in growing and harvesting corn, the cartoon couldn’t be anymore wrong. This is misinformation plain and simple, like thinking they don’t use chemicals on organic crops :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. This is not even close to the same issue and I don’t believe it belongs on this thread or this forum for that matter. All this is does is help spread the misinformation about a topic that you clearly do not fully understand if you believe that’s what producing corn looks like.


Yes, I’ve been trying to understand that diagram for a while, now. In the end, it may not really matter. The feds are busting up the monopoly…if they can.

@Riley1, I don’t understand. Can you explain the corn analogy?


I didn’t make the corn analogy, I just pointed out that it didn’t apply to this conversation and that it is was just spreading false information.


I’m not trying to argue, and this is leading down the wrong path and away from the op.


I can’t find the corn analogy, but it might have relevance for something I wrote recently. Thats why I asked.


I think @Riley1 may be talking about the ethanol (corn). There are currently four posts which mention that word; one with a graphic. So, do a search in this conversation for “ethanol” and you should see what @Riley1 was referring too.

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Got it! Thanks for the clue on how to spell ethanol, LOL.

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And it uses more energy (fossil fuels) to make ethanol it then you get back.


Wow, he personally wrote you back. All I ever get from Lindsey Graham is “we’re looking into it, I may not agree with your ideas, but am working in your best interest.”


I’ve gotten cards from them.