Housing, Beds and Grills

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After looking at all the dumps we could afford we decided to just stay where we are. Batman and Squirt will have to share a room, but he is excited about that. It’s going to be cramped and we’re going to start a major cleaning session come next week to try and get rid of all the crap we really don’t need.

On a side note, any recommendations for a good bed? We are due and were waiting to move to buy one, since the original plan was to move half way across the country for a post-doc. I also need a new grill. Any suggestions? I’ve always bought cheap Sunbeams. My last one has lasted for 6 years and it’s never seen a grill cover or the inside of a shed.

Still not job for the wife…

SuFu, Ph.D.

I got the Charbroil Red Infrared Grill at Home Despot. I keep it covered. It gets really how > 500 deg and also does good offset cooking and performs reasonable well as a smoker. I really don’t recommend the Sunbeam, I don’t even think they make grills anymore.