How accurate are Reli-On meters?


I am wondering how reliable is the Reli-on Prime?

I am reading on google that they run higher than other meters?

The reason I ask is my mother, who is a type 2 has Gastroparesis and her readings all of a sudden have jumped

from running 110-118 in the mornings to running 130 in the morning.

And 160’s and 170s 2 hours after a meal and then suddenly drops to 90 and 100’s before her next meal.

We got the meter at Walmart in Feb. I just bought strips for it the other day.

My mother went to the doctor this morning and gave the NP her piece of paper where we have been writing down fasting, before meal, after meal, and bed time readings and he seems to think its our meter and gave her a prescription for a new meter.

He did not seem too disturbed by the high readings.

What do ya’ll think? Is the NP right? Is it our meter?



I have used Relion for three years and find its reliable. As meters go none are 100 percent perfect. And a reading from one finger hand to the other hand and for finger will give you a different reading.
I hope you find the answer for the increase in her numbers.
There are some amazing knowledgeable people here.


I have used Relion as well. It was pretty accurate against the lab values.

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Yes I had that happen the other morning @natureorbs .

One finger said 120 and another finger said 110. So I went with the 110 because that sounded about right for morning BG.