How accurate is your Ping with remaining insulin?

So all the threads I read about the pump not logging correctly I decided to messure out how much insulimne is left and how much the pump told me.

When I changed sets tonight my pump said I had 23 units left and in reality I had 35 units left. Now I see this as totally ok with all the plus / minus you can have but what do you guys think? I’m thinking about calling Animas on Monday and asking about this. I have never had an issue getting things resolved with them so I don’t doubt for one second that they will do right and I trust their support. Just wanted to see if anyone else has actually drawn up what was left to see and compare.

I’ve heard others mention this. However, mine has been really accurate. In fact, I just changed my set and checked it based on your post. Still spot on. I think your situation is definitely worth a call to Animas.

Thank you for your reply. I will call them on Monday.

There’s about 10-15u past when it says 0… but it stops delivery at 0. I am not bothered by this, honestly… since at most my pump will delivery only about 190u of insulin per cartridge anyways. Even if I “overfill” the cartridge (which sort of primes the tubing when the crap is screwed into place) I can’t manage to get anything more than 196u into the pump after I hit “load cartridge”, and it will repeatedly give me a “pump not primed” if I attempt to leave it with anything more than 192u… I have to prime it out to get down to 192, which is frustrating since I feel like I am “losing” insulin I could be using. HOWEVER, if I don’t use the “overfill” method, it only gives me about 185u before priming… and by the time I prime my 42" tubing I am left with a meager 170u or so… I can’t say that I like that either. I feel like Animas gives very misleading information about their pump’s capacity - I would challenge anyone to show me a properly filled pump that has 200u in it (before priming)… because it just isn’t possible.

Interesting thing is, I used to have a MM pump (the first two generations of the paradigm, since I upgraded), and it would continue to pump past the point where it hit zero… eventually it would give a no delivery, typically 8-10 units past zero.

I thought that number is an acceptable range to be honest. I think I’m pretty happy with 10 to 15 units but I will call them to ask about it anyway. Doesn’t hurt to ask. Thank you for your input. I have never been bothered by this and only checked b/c of the threads I have read on here.
I will update on Monday and let you guys know what Animas sais. They have been great with anything I have ever asked / wanted / even over nighted supplies at no extra cost b/c I dropped the ball with ordering. Their customer service for me has been beyond outstanding and I really trust them. I always thought they reminded me of Disetronic which rocked. They had a 24hr line and would overnight pumps when you had a problem and I feel Animas does the same thing when you are in need.

This maybe as simple as sending in to calibrate the rod.

I don’t know if you guys have noticed… There is a small space between the black band, and the cartridge tip. That’s about 10-15 units worth of insulin. When I think we forget how much insulin we pumpers waist; between the tubing itself, and the small space in the cartridges.

I just spoke to Animas support and seems like there is more with mine than I thought. My compartments smells a little lke insulin as well so they are going to replace it. It’s not about the wasted insulin which also is a bad thing but more about the safety. However I knew that they would take good care of me and the replacement will be here on Tuesday. I could not ask for better customer service. My waranty is over in May so having this one coming in good condition maybe a bad thing for getting a new one though. My insurance requires there be soemthing wrong. It’s all good though. If I have a pump that works well then it won’t be an issue to begin with.

They did say that the pump is designed to not be empty when it hits 0 so I’m sure that is an ok number. They are replacing mine though b/c the compartment smells like insulin and there were a few things where it was kind of iffy. I love Animas.

I haven’t really noticed yet as Ive only had my ping for a month, but what I did notice is when I change sets and load a cartridge, after priming I have about 175 units.

Now I know that it doesn’t take 25-30 units to prime, so the I figured its off by 10 as a cushion, so that if it tells you you have 0 units, you know you’re not totally out of insulin yet

Just checked mine at site change time, and the Ping pump said 25 units left, and that’s exactly what was left in the reservoir. Guess I must be one of the “lucky” ones. This Ping is the 2nd I’ve had since going with Animas, so it’s a refurb. It’s been going strong for about 2.5 years now.

Mine was a refurb to start with. I traded my Cozmo in for it. I don’t think I’ve ever had problems with it but I just wanted to make sure it was ok and they are on the side of caution and replacing it. I love Animas. Their customer service is really wonderful.

I also did a site change tonight. In the cartridge, I had 10 more units than the pump said. When you add what’s in the tubing, it sure seems like a good bit of waste.

They did tell me it’s designed to not be empty when it shows empty so I think that would probably be ok. Not sure. My compartment smelled like insulin so they are being cautious and exchanging it. I probably shouldn’t have done it till the waranty was up in 6wks though thinking about it. I may have sabotaged the chance of getting a new one. Oh well. :slight_smile: As long as I have a pump that works well then it’s not a big deal to me. I figure after waranty runs out the next problem there is with the pump will satisfy my insurance to pay for a new one.

I would seriously doubt so… I’m on my 4th replacement pump (for unrelated issues) and they have all behaved very similarly.

That is horrible. I’ve had just the one going on 2 years and never had a problem with it. I didn’t have any problems now just the difference in what it is saying and what was in it so… So what was wrong with yours that you are on your 4th already?

How about sucking out the leftovers with a syringe and just add them to the new dose. I admit I’ve done that when my site was bad and had almost 3/4 of my amount still unused and refused to throw it away!

I’ve started doing that as well, not with a syringe, but with the new cartridge needle. I wasted so much insulin in my first couple months pumping I had to go to my doctor and request more per 3-month time period. So now I suck out leftovers with a syringe, and if I have the site fail with 3/4 still left I just use the same cartridge. Otherwise if the site is fine, I let it run down as close to empty as I have the patience for. Between that and not worrying about the stupid five drop rule when priming I’m going through much less insulin now!

You are right but the pump will stop delivering and force you to rewind when you get to 0.

What 5drop rule??? I have never heard about that in almost 18 yrs of pumping. I prime till I get a bit of insulin. As fast as I can let go. Usually 2 little drops.