How are we coping with the holidays?

I’m wondering how we’re all doing over the “End of Year Eating Festival”. (I’m not quite a cynic: I attended Midnight mass and a Carol service) I confess, I’ve stopped controlling sugars with diet only and gone to taking Starlix with meals. I’m doing this only for 3 days And I’m going on a long walk with a group of friends on 26th December. Before feeding anothe invasion!!
Even with the Starlix, I’m not going crazy. I did have a slice of Czech Christmas bread with sour cherry jam for breakfast. I am of Czech birth and our culture is very food orientated. We had our special Christmas Eve meal of fish and potato salad. I had a spoonful of the salad, loads of fish and some mixed salad I’d made as an extra. As to the fish,it should be carp, which I hate, so we had some cod and plaice.
Today we do the English thing. Daughter and son-in-law to cook in my kitchen.(my home is larger than theirs and Grandma,who is nearly 90 needs my ground floor facilities). Turkey and mountains of vegetables are in the kitchen. husband has opened the dining table out to accommodate the serving dishes.
I will have a TINY portion of christmas pudding. Luckily I don’t like alcohol, so shall probably have a small glass of sherry and one glass of champagne.

Let me just say I am draining my pump, but I saw some pictures of me last night and man o man, I now know the meaning of fat. :frowning:

from what I have read, it’s necessary to cut insulin to the absolute minimum to lose weight. that’s either injected insulin or natural oversupply as in many type 2 s. that’s why I’m going out walking tomorrow morning. My mother doesn’t approve, but I’m going. At almost 61, I’m too old to obey my mother if I don’t want to and it’s my health in question.
good luck and enjoy the rest of the festival