How awfull, I have back pain terribly. I can tell you what I've done

Pam, I suffered three tragic accidents and developed chronic back pain. In muscle! It might sound simple but moist heat helped. I couldn't sleep like you have described. I went online to Thermal-On and ordered two moist heat pads which cover all my back at night. I put them in the Microwave and beep them 3 min. then sleep on warm moist heat all night. In the morning, pain is gone or subsided by half the amount I began with. I know this may not seem like much but I hope it helps. Later without so much pain, I could think and joined a Gentle Yoga class. It meets once a week. Slowly, Slowly after 3 years I've begun to heal and can now walk up to 5 blocks in the city.
My back is healing. In Gentle Yoga individuals stretch according to their own abilities. Yoga may not do the trick here if you are allergic to Insulin, but the moist heat will help I'm sure. With sleep you'll begin to feel better in general and be able to think better.

Good Luck , Cathy


Stretching can definitely help alleviate your back pain. I would be careful with dynamic stretching though as sometimes it can lead to more strain. I would very carefully lead into stretching moves/positions and not push yourself. Stretching should HELP the pain, not cause more. So the second you feel true discomfort, stop for sure.

I used various £100 mark office/ikea/recliner chairs for years and would semi regularly get lower back pain that was somewhat worrying. Getting up and walking around long enough would ease it as you might expect. And doing regular activities and exercise would not cause me pain.

This long winded preamble is just to say that the cause of my pain was quite clearly the chairs I was using. I bought a 2nd hand aeron off ebay and it basically solved my problems. Beyond checking you get the right size for your frame/weight and that it is in decent condition I would strongly recommend you do the same. I now have zero issues and often sit in the chair for extended periods.

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I have worsening back pain. Have had 2 spine surgeries. Have had 3 falls since the second one. I sleep in a heating pad which goes off automatically after 2 hours. I can’t imagine having moist heat pads last all night after only heating in the microwave for 3 minutes! Where did you get them?