How can I keep my data together on multiple devices?

I’m getting annoyed with trying to keep all my data together. I’m throwing this out there for everyone to get some new ideas.

My ideal situation:

  1. Use Microsoft HealthVault to pool it all together, because I can upload my OTUltraSmart to make sure I don’t screw up numbers.
  2. Track when I take meds. I’m having an issue remembering to keep all my supplies together, and sometimes I’ve been running out of pen needles.
  3. Easy to make tables for carbs, meds, and sugars.

For the most part, the sites that use HealthVault can do this, except none track when meds are actually taken, and none show when the foods are eaten, just only daily totals.

If LifeScan would be able to upload everything that the UltraSmart tracks, I’d be happy.
If SugarStats would add HealthVault integration, I’d pay for it in a heartbeat.

For now though, I keep a .xls file on Live Mesh and download it and upload it between computers and my Windows Mobile phone and my BlackBerry Bold, then once or twice a week, I checkoff the data and enter it/sync my meter with HealthVault.

I’m doing double the work to make sure I have all the info, including mental.

How are you doing it?

Hi Kris !

I use my own software (its not my own, but I am main developer, for the last 3-4 years) called GGC ( You can add almost any data…

Same as you I also have problem keeping my data together… So far I have two sollutions for this:

  1. I export data on computer 2, which is located at my parents home (where I have one meal per day), and send it to myself and then import on computer 1
  2. I have application on USB and I carry it around (I am using this 2nd sollution for a week now and it seems to be working), application can run on several OSes, so I can use it on any computer (win, linux, mac)…

I am working on 3rd sollution which will be remote server, to which you will send data from computer 2 and retreive them on computer 1… This will be working in few months I hope…

As for supplies… So far I havent got to that functionality yet, but it’s planned for one of next releases…

As for Health Vault I doubt GGC will ever support that… There are many such applications out (some more diabetic specialized as that), and none of them is so much used, that it would warant adding it to GGC (especially since GGC is open source, and there is much more to do for now, and since there are not so many diabetic programmers in java arround, we have major lack of people helping us…

Problem with MS software is that it is here one minute, and gone next…


Addendum to Health Vault…

Even if I wanted I couldn’t use their service, because I don’t live in USA…

I have taken a look at some additional resources and found out that would be possible to connect GGC with HealthVault, so if you find some Java developer that would be willing to do so, he/she is welcome.

I have currently my plate full and work planned for next 12 or more months…


Your solution lies on the BodySigma website, which supports 7 different blood glucose monitors, has a logbook report format which displays your readings, exercise, meals, insulin, etc. You can enter your insulin, exercise, meals easily and quickly. Meal times are shown when you hover over the meal description in the logbook.

Check out one of the videos, or sign in to try it out.

I use copilot software and I have on a very tiny usb drive I keep on a necklace and can update is and run it on pc very simple and effective. Andy I was just looking at your software can it support an Omnipod? I just received it and I am looking for different software to use for it. Thanks RenZ

Hi Renegadez !

Currently we don’t read from any pump. You can enter data manually (which I do, since I have MM508 and no ComStation) and data from Meter is also added here.

As for reading… this part of project will start in next two months (after this release) and in first plan we will support Minimed devices (through Carelink Export file) and Roche/Accu-chek Spirit/D.tron (through Smart Pix device). We contacted all pump manufacturers, but there was no reply so far (no cooperation). Which means we will have to add support the hard way… someone will have to “spy” on protocols to see what data comes out and then someone will have to implement this… This is quite a hard work, especially if person doing spying is not the same person as doing programming… So if you are up to it, any help is welcome (if you are not programmer, maybe you can do the spying and I will do the programming… grin).

Take care,